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303 Fabric Guard Water Repellent

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Bring your outdoor furniture back to its original condition with the 303 Fabric Guard Spray. Use this heavy-duty item on seat cushions, umbrellas or even on fabrics in your home. The 303 fabric protector strengthens the fabric, allowing it to have an optimal resistance towards water. Using this item will help prevent the growth of mold, mildew and a variety of other nasty item that can grow on your outdoor furniture. The 303 spray comes in a 16 fl oz bottle that is easy to store under your sink or on a shelf in your shed or garage. This item has a specially fitted spray top to give you control on how much spray you want to come out while also being able to lock it and prevent it from leaking or spilling. The 303 protector is safe for all synthetic and natural fibers. By applying this spray guard to your fabric you can greatly reduce the risk of common stains that could ruin the appearance of your furniture.

This protector helps to maintain the original color of your items while standing against nature’s elements. Keep your patio and deck furniture looking brand new by simply applying the 303 Fabric Guard Spray.
303 Fabric Guard and Upholstery Protector Spray, 16 fl oz:Strengthens and restores water repellency
Greatly increases stain resistance
303 fabric protector maintains colorfastness
Recommended by and for Sunbrella and is safe for synthetic and natural fibers
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Instructions: . Use only on thoroughly cleaned fabrics. For best results, use 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner. Always test for color fastness! Spray 303 Fabric Guard in a hidden area of textile. Wipe test area with a white absorbent cloth. If any color rubs off Do Not Use. Directions: Product liquid and spray are flammable, keep product and treated articles (until dry) away from heat, sparks or open flames. Do not smoke when applying 303 Fabric Guard. Spray until evenly wet, overlapping sprayed areas. Note: Reduced coverage when applied with paint roller or brush. Apply to fabric above 70F/21C. (For quicker drying/curing and best results, apply in full sun.). Treated material must be protected from rain/dew until completely cured. Curing: 6 – 12 hours dependent on temperature. If these steps are performed correctly, the material will be water repellent at this point. 303 Fabric Guard will need reapplication depending on fabric exposure to sunlight and weather conditions; pour water on fabric to determine need to retreat fabric. Coverage: 75 – 100 sq. ft. (60 x 90 cm) per 16 fl. oz. (473 ml) on lightweight fabrics; 40 – 75 sq. ft. (30 x 60 cm) on heavier fabrics depending on material and application method.