Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro Inline Shaper

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+ Inline Suction Cup Attachment
Liquid Force’s new Inline Shaper is designed to fit radically stepped hulls with narrow strakes and heavy curves. Five inline two-inch rubber suction cups securely grip the hull and won’t damage gel coat or leave black markings on your boat. Easy to adjust on the fly, No ugly Velcro or safety tethers required.

+ Large Water Displacement Wing
For maximum wave height. Wake shaper face 9 x 16 inches = 144 sq inch face.

+ Patented Concave Water Channeling Wing
Liquid Force’s concave channeling wing surface pushes more water to increase the length of the wave, while keeping the face super clean!

+ Made with Durable Rust-Free Materials
Liquid Force built the Wakesurf Edge with impact resistant, lightweight, glass-filled nylon and rust-free stainless steel hardware. Their shaper is long-lasting; won’t rust or stain your boat.

+ Built in Flotation
Don’t worry about your wake shaping investment sinking to the bottom. The Wakesurf Edge wing is rotomolded and sealed air tight.

+ Make the Most of the Wake Surf Edge
Liquid Force recommends a Sumo water ballast system. Level load your boat to keep the nose down for the captain’s visibility and a longer wake.



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