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The Wake Worx Super Surf’R is the best bang for your buck when it comes to after market wakesurf systems.

In this video we show the DIY guys just how easy it is to turn your outdated wake or ski boat into a wakesurfing machine.

These days everyone wants to wakesurf. But no one wants to mess with ballast pumps hanging off of the side of their boats or finicky surf shapers that are constantly falling off or breaking. If you are experiencing these problems then the Super Surf’R is the product for you. Included in the kit is:

Patented “Offset Hinge” design blades.
Patented “Adjustable Actuator Mounts” set tab deflection angle.
Patented “Adjustable Angle Mount” fits all transom angles.
Electro Polished Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Blades.
Lenco “Extreme Duty” electric actuators.
Waterproof backlit L.E.D. Indicator Switch with Auto-Retract feature.

If drilling into your boat isn’t for you, call your local service department to schedule an install before ordering.



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