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Mission Fender Lines 3/8″ x 6′ – 2 Pack

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Mission Fender Lines 3/8" x 6' - 2 Pack


Premium fender lines, designed to last. As boaters ourselves, we’ve thoughtfully designed and constructed our fender lines to be exactly what you need out there – then we gave them a splash of style with fresh new color and patterns that better match the aesthetic of modern boats.


+ Double-braided polyester adds exterior abrasion resistances and keeps the line soft and pliable for the life of the line.

+ Nylon core provides controlled elongation that reduces stress on your cleats while under tension.

+ Colors and patterns that match the aesthetic of modern boats.

+ Two double braided 6-foot, 3/8” lines. Spliced 6-inch eye at the non-working end.

Diameter: 3/8″

Length: 6 ft

Eye: 6-in



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