AWS Malibu Boats ZF Throttle Replacement Button and Spring

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Aftermarket Malibu Boats ZF Throttle Shifter Button and Spring.

The reason you have found this product is probably that one of the tiny little teeth on your throttle button broke and you have lost the functionality of your ZF Throttle Button. Well, we have solved that problem for you with our aftermarket, AWS Throttle Button. We have drastically beefed up the teeth that lock the button into place. The install is easy! Simply line up the teeth with the guides in the knob. You will be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying it is when the new button clicks into place. Malibu no longer offers their logo’d button so look no further and order today. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

*Spring also included.


2 reviews for AWS Malibu Boats ZF Throttle Replacement Button and Spring

  1. fcampojr (verified owner)

    After replacing the factory button on my 2014 Malibu three times, I decided to give this AWS button a try. The button looks pretty good, and operates smoothly.

    I’m not sure if I put it in correctly, though, because the button sticks up about a 1/4-inch above the knob. The factory button was flush. Maybe this is an intentional design change, but it makes me a little nervous that someone might accidentally shift out of neutral.


  2. Dan Lay

    Great beefed-up design compared to the original OEM part.

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