U-Flex M66 Universal QC Helm Steering Cable





Steering Cables are a common part that needs to be replaced. If you feel like your steering stiffened up drastically over the off season you are probably not wrong. Moisture can find it’s way into the cable during extensive use. When the boat sits for months (unused) the moisture will cause the metal coil and cable to rust. Replace your rack and pinion cable with the best available. TFXTREME premium cables have a heavy jacket and a splined, coated core element for maximum smoothness with minimal lost motion (4″ min. bend radius). Black HDPE outer casing for durability and the best resistance to UV and chemicals. Cables meet/exceed all applicable industry standards.

Fits most boats. Some older boats use rotary steering cables. Call one of our certified technicians today with any questions: 503-650-5990



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