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Skylon Skylock Board Rack – Malibu/Axis Direct Replacement

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The Skylon SkyLock 2.0 Board Rack will retrofit onto any stock Malibu or Axis Swivel Board Rack. Its patented design allows you to easily insert or remove wakesurf boards and wakeboards without having to deal with those annoying bungees that you’re always having to replace. The forks are lined with Skylons Board Caressers. When light force is applied to the clamp the rack grabs onto the board holding it in place. The lining is very soft so you no longer have to worry about denting your precious/fragile wakesurf boards. The release mechanism has a small hole in it which allows a small lock to be installed. This will protect your boards from theft when you leave your wake boat docked up for the night. But wait, there’s more! On either side of the tines, there is a hook where you can hang your vest out to dry. This rack has everything you could ever want and more!

(This is for one side. If you would like a pair, then you would need to order two.)


+ Horizontal orientation with Surf Caressers to eliminate board pressure dings and rail damage.

+ Direct bolt on replacement for Malibu/Axis towers.

+ Comes in black to match all the color configurations from Malibu over the last 10 years.

+ Standard built in life vest holders.

+ Patent pending TruLock mechanism that truly locks the boards in place. (Others on the market use springs and bungee that allow boards to bounce and slip out).

+ Master Lock hole to actually lock up your boards so they can’t be stolen when away from the boat.

+ Fits every size surfboard, wakeboard, and wakeskate.

+ 6061 billet aluminum made in-house in the USA.

Skylon Skylock Board Rack Product Video



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