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BABE’S Seat Soap (16 OZ)

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BABE’S Seat Soap cleans vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces and is specifically formulated to lift dirt, scum, and suntan oil without harming or drying out the surface. Especially suited for the extreme conditions of marine environments, BABE’S Seat Soap has a conditioning base solution that enhances the natural qualities of your interior surfaces while it cleans.

No pre-washing is necessary; spread BABE’S Seat Soap directly on upholstery and wipe with a clean towel. For deep crevices or stains, rub with a soft brush before wiping off.

BABE’S Seat Soap has been tested and approved for use by the leading boat manufacturers including Malibu and MasterCraft. Keep BABE’S Seat Soap on hand to keep your seats looking sweet. Sweet seats!



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