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Liquid Force Wildcat Wakesurf Board

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Now in its third year, the Liquid Force Wildcat Wakesurf Board has made a name for itself with its modern twist to traditional skim shapes. A fun, playful ride for those aspiring to do spins and airs on their next wakesurf board. Its slightly rounded tail shape creates a floaty, loose feel that is perfect for initiating 360s while the crisp, hard rails give it the acceleration and speed to zip down the line. The EPS foam core is reinforced with an innegra top deck to keep the board stiff and extra responsive. For 2020 Liquid Force went back to the square grooved EVA traction pad thanks to its unmatched grip on your feet.Board Features:-EPS Foam Core w/ Skim Stringer-Innegra Reinforced Top Deck-Square Grooved EVA Traction Pad





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