Phase 5 2020 MVP Wakesurf Board 56

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Designed by John Akerman, 2018 World Wakesurfing Champion. The MVP has all the features anyone would ever need to be a champion. Full deck traction coupled with rail grab channels set the MVP in a league in its own. What are you waiting for?We stepped out of the box with the MVP designed by John Akerman. The MVP has a brand new design elemnt not found in another board from P5, Rail Grab Channels. The advantages are clear. It allows the rider a spot to grab onto when executing airs. We kept the Matrix outline for the MVP but John desired to have a thicker core to have more float and forgiveness. The MVP is definitely its own animal and it keeps John pushing the limits of the sport.CONSTRUCTION FEATURESGATORSKIN GLASS5/8 THICKV.R.T. TECHNOLOGYCONTINUOUS COREPOLYESTER RESIN1 FINEPOXY TEXTURERIDGE GRIP RAIL CHANNELSPROPEL BOTTOMSHEETFIN SETUP1 TAIL FINPADSDeluxe Skim +P5 Techno Grip Traction V2





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