Ronix 2020 Koal Technora Powerfish + Wakesurf Board

SKU: Ronix 2020 Koal Technora Powerfish + Wakesurf Boar

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The perfect blend of a thicker profile, wider platform to help build up speed, and a fish funboard with its deep swallow tail allowing a rider to break free quicker and easier than most surfers. With a spoonful of bottom turn drive that can still easily cut loose off the lip, and unrivaled drive from the tail volume, this board is designed for riders that like to fall back deep in the wave, and still have easy initiated turns. New for this year we bumped up the tip rockerline making the board even more consistent traveling up and down steeper boat wakes.PERFORMANCEADVANCEDCONSTRUCTIONKOAL TECHNORATHICKNESSTHICKRAILBLENDED





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