Ronix 2020 Powertail Wakesurf Board

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Koal Surface Powertail +The Ronix Powertail uses its wide tail with lots of volume to create unmatched drive for the rider. This makes it an undeniable favorite for riders needing the speed to surf small waves or those that enjoy the perks of added drive: quick acceleration and maintained speed. Its wide platform creates a nice, stable ride while being incredibly nimble for advanced manuevers like spins and airs. Now built in Ronixs Koal Surface construction for the lightweight feel of a high-end surfer and the unmatched durability of a compression molded board.Board Features-Front & Rear EVA Traction Pad-New Fin-S 2.0 Floating Fin System-One Symmetric 3 Fin & Two Asymmetric 4 Fins-Liquid Lava Surf Resin-Air Vents in EVA Tail Wedge-Koal Surface Construction





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