Ronix 2020 Blunt Nose Skimmer Wakesurf Board




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Blunt Nose Skimmer

This ain’t your regular skimboard. A new board for 2020, the Ronix Blunt Nose Skimmer combines the performance of a skimboard with the stability of a cruisy longboard. A smoother, more relaxed ride than other skimmers while still having the performance characteristics to do all the 360’s and tricks you set out to do.

Following the recent design trend of thicker wakesurf boards, the Blunt Nose Skimmer generates and carries speed better than most skimmers. It also allows you to ride a shorter board than you usually would! Built with Ronix’s naked minimalist construction to keep it lightweight and ultra responsive.

Board Features

-Wax Mat Front Traction Pad

-Machined EVA Rear Traction Pad

-New Fin-S 2.0 Floating Fins

-One Fiberglass 2.5” Symmetric Fin

-Liquid Lava Surf Resin

-Air Vents in EVA Tail Wedge

-Reactive Technora Laminate



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