Ronix 2020 Carbon Sprocket Wakesurf Board




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Carbon Air Core 3 Sprocket

This quiver killer delivers the best of both wakesurf board styles into one insanely fun ride! The Ronix Sprocket Wakesurf Board looks and feels like a surf style board but has the quick response of a skimmer. A board that will be universally enjoyed by every wakesurfer on the boat, regardless of riding style or ability level.

Built with Ronix’s Carbon Air Core 3, their most advanced surfboard construction to date. Combines the durability of a compression molded board with the performance of today’s most innovative core constructions.

The thruster fin setup allows the rider to customize how their board feels. Ride with all three fins for the most responsiveness and maximum “bite” in your turns. Toss in just the two outside fins for a looser, more skatey feel that is ideal for spins and boardslides.

Board Features

-Full Wax Mat Cush Traction Pad

-New Fin-S 2.0 Floating Fins

-One Carbon Fiberglass 3.5” Symmetric & Two Asymmetric 4” Fins

-Liquid Lava Surf Resin

-Air Vents in EVA Tail Wedge

-Compression Molded Air Core 3 Construction



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