Ronix 2020 Koal Surface Thumbtail Wakesurf Board



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Koal Surface Thumbtail +

The Ronix Koal Surface Thumbtail is endorsed by Danny Harf and enjoyed by all. A user-friendly, thicker skim shape designed to make airs and 360’s easier for riders.

At first glance you’ll notice how much fatter the Koal Surface Thumbtail Wakesurf Board is compared to other skim style boards. The thicker profile enables quicker acceleration and top end speed. Shaped in the same outline as a traditional skimmer, the Thumbtail has a thicker, more rounded rail design of a surfer for more smooth and traditional turns. Its semi twin outline allows the board to be ridden both regular and switch. The new Surface Skin Exterior delivers both performance and durability thanks to its lightweight core and compression molded exterior.

A very user-friendly ride that makes for easier 360’s and airs, the 2020 Ronix Koal Surface Thumbtail Wakesurf Board is a no-brainer choice for your next skimboard.

Board Features

-Machined EVA Front & Rear Traction Pad

-New Fin-S 2.0 Floating Fins

-One Fiberglass Symmetrical 3” Fin

-Liquid Lava Surf Resin

-Compression Molded w/ Surface Skin



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