2020 Demo Hyperlie Varial Riot 4’10”


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Disclaimer: This demo board might have normal wear and tear, scuffs, scratches, repairs or other imperfections NOT pictured from use. All imperfections are strictly visual, and will not affect the performance or integrity of the board.

Noah Flegel has added his own twist to the Hyperlite x Varial Wakesurf Line with his new shape, the Riot. This wakesurf board is designed for big airs and an ultra responsive ride.

As one of the most talented wakesurfers in the game right now, Noah Flegel was naturally attracted to Hyperlite’s Varial Surf program. After teaming up together on a board of its own, Hyperlite released their Varial Riot Wakesurf Board. Like all Hyperlite x Varial wakesurf boards, each and every one is hand shaped in Ventura, California.

The Riot gives you a fast, responsive ride on the water that excels in its air. The wider tail profile gives the board added speed, drive, and pop off the wave’s lip. Combined with the fastest rockerline in the Varial lineup, the Riot has the speed and drive to seriously shred waves of all shapes and sizes. Watch the product video for just a few seconds and you’ll see Noah Flegel put on full display what this board is capable of.

In collaboration with Varial Surf, Hyperlite is building the most advanced boards on the water today using aerospace grade materials that result in a lighter, livelier foam blank. Varial Surf Technology has created a foam chemistry that is 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a typical foam PU blank found in most other wakesurf boards. Hopping on this board, you will immediately notice the difference and never look back.


+ 100% UV Resistant

+ Varial Foam PU Core

+ Infused Glass

+ Futures Fin Boxes

+ Aerospace Grade Construction

+ Made in USA


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