ZUP DoubleZUP Tow Handle

SKU: ZUP-0047




New, adjustable wakesurf lengths incorporated into the towrope (18 ft., 20 ft., 22 ft. sections). Vibrant orange handles for easy visibility. Multi-colored rope sections to easily find that perfect wake surf length.


+ Designed for Use with ZUP Boards
But works with other boards as well.

+ No Pinched Fingers!
Dual handle allows rider to connect and reconnect safely.

+ Includes a Brightly Colored (Safety Lime-Yellow) 60 ft. Low-Stretch Polyethylene Mainline
With multiple wake surf sections.

+ Innovative, Patented Double Handle System
Easy and safe to connect and reconnect anytime during the ride, no stopping needed!

+ Most Safe and Unique Features of Any Tow Handle



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