Liquid Force 2020 Bonzer Bat Wakesurf Board





The Bonzer shape has been around for decades yet continues to outperform some of the most advanced surfboards on the market today. Now available for wakesurfers to enjoy with the new 2020 Liquid Force Bonzer Bat Wakesurf Board.

Its signature double concave venturi hull works in conjunction with the heavily angled stubbie fins to help water flow exit the tail of the board most efficiently. The result is maximum propulsion, creating added drive and speed for the rider. Do more while exerting less energy. Designed for the wakesurfer that enjoys an agressive riding style.

Liquid Force’s modern take on this classic shape is set to make a big splash this Summer.


-EPS Foam w/ Surf Stringer

-Bonzer Hull

-Carbon Tail Wrap

-Carbon Bottom Tape

-Bat Tail

-Fiberglass Hand Lamination



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