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Volume Speed Wagon Wakesurf Board

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At first glance it looks like an obese version of Volume’s Dominator, but it’s much more than that. A shape that’s designed to excel for bigger surfers and for those wanting a high performance board for smaller less powerful waves. The heavy double concave with it’s raised spine runs clear into it’s diamond tail. This unique spine has two major effects, first it makes for two deep fast flowing channels of water for excellent forward drive, second it creates a raised V down the center of the board to combat it’s 21” width, this combined with it’s step down rail profile it performs much more like a narrower high performance short board than it would appear.

Available in both hand glassed & resin infused construction

Includes 2 Futures F4 fins, Traction sold separately.

Dimensions:  4’ 7” x 21” x 2.1”  22.3L

*Custom Special Orders Are Available* Anything from changes in fin box color, custom paint and alternative sizes. Send us an email for more info!

Volume Surfboards began as a unique collaboration with Active Water Sports. Industry veteran board shaper Chris Des Georges and AWS Creative Director Dan Lay saw a need to bring a more traditional surf approach to wake surfing, a need for higher performance boards that were able to utilize more of the wake and break free of only surfing the “sweet spot”. After testing and refining the shapes over the course of 2018 we are proud to release the 2019 lineup. Six different shapes that offer a new experience & expand your surfing to new heights no matter your skill level or wake size.

All Volume surfboards are handmade in the USA & constructed with the highest quality american made materials.

For more in depth information visit www.volumesurf.com