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The Core 32 is all about helping improve your balance (no kidding), board control, and your style. When you can’t make it out and ride your board of choice, the Core 32 will always be there for the challenge.


+ Get Your Trick On
When Revolution started working on the design for this balance board they were like ‘hey, you have got to be able to pull some awesome tricks on this thing or there really is no point.’ It’s easy for experienced riders to get bored on something like this when all you can do is rock back and forth and maybe do a little something here and there. They wanted to change this from the beginning, and through a bunch of testing and prototyping, they were able to design a board worth using. The Core 32 allows for more tricks and more progression than any other balance board on the market, period. The only limit is your imagination.

+ Innovative Roll Control
If there is one thing that sets the Core 32 apart from the rest, it is this. Revolution has created a weight system that allows the roller to move amazingly smooth while the board is touching it, yet stays in place while you are doing a trick above it (for much more consistent landings). This may not sound like much, but it is nothing short of game-changing.

+ Bombproof Construction
Revolution makes this stuff to take a hit and keep on rolling. Literally. The Core 32 is super strong, handcrafted in the USA, and made to take the force and abuse of putting down big tricks.

+ Thoughtful Design
You may be saying to yourself that this board looks like a skateboard deck without the wheels. To some extent you would be right, but there is a reason for that. Revolution took inspiration from many types of boards and crafted a composite shape that would make the best balance board possible. With a custom concave, high kicktails, and significantly increased strength, this board is far from an ordinary deck.

+ Design for Big Trick
Intermediate and advanced riders.

+ Super Strong Construction
Built to take abuse.

+ Weighted Roller System with Roll Control

+ Gripped Top Surface, Non-Scratching Rubberized Base





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1 review for Revolution Core 32 Balance Board

  1. Ryan Moor (verified owner)

    Great way to train to perfect your surfing skills

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