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Liquid Force 2020 EL Guapo Wakesurf Board



The Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf Board is an ultra-retro longboard style cruiser that brings you back to the good ‘ol days of surfing. A single fin board provides a cruisy, relaxing ride that surfers of all ability levels enjoy.

An absolute wave catching machine, this board is great for surfing boat wakes of any size. A concave hull gives it great glide speed and its beveled rails make for smooth, easy turns. The spoon nose makes it possible for you to get super stylish and hang 5, putting your toes over the nose of the board.

Like any authentic longboard, the El Guapo features a 6.5” longboard style fin and an adjustable fin box that enables you to customize how it rides. Move the fin forward for a looser, more relaxed feel or slide it back for tighter, more responsive maneuvering.

Board Features:

-EPS Foam Core w/ Surf Stringer

-Adjustable Longboard Style Fin

-Full EVA Traction Pad



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