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Liquid Force 2020 Keen Wakesurf Board

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While we can’t guarantee that this board will give you Austin Keen’s world-class riding skills, we can promise this high performance skim shape is built to take your riding to new levels. A world champion skimboarder and the most popular wakesurfer on this planet, Austin Keen knows how a good skimboard should look and ride. The results show… the Liquid Force Keen Wakesurf Board has been a top seller since its debut several years ago.

Keen collaborated with Liquid Force shaper Jimmy Redmon to create a board that is fast, responsive and have tons of pop. Built with an EPS foam core and then topped with a carbon innegra deck, this board is lighter and stronger than previous models.

The three fin boxes make it more versatile than most other skim style boards and allow you to customize it for your desired style of riding. A single tail fin will give it the proper feel of a skimboard while riding it with twin outside fins gives it a more skatey feel.

Whether you are just learning to do spins or looking to stomp more advanced tricks like 3 shuvs and big spins, the 2020 Liquid Force Keen Wakesurf Board is ready to elevate your skim style riding.

Board Features:

-EPS Foam Core w/ Skim Stringer

-Carbon/Innegra Weave

-Single Concave Hull

-Square Grooved EVA Traction Pad


1 review for Liquid Force 2020 Keen Wakesurf Board

  1. jeffersonjameshodges

    Love this board! We have the 2020 model and the 2018 model, very good for intermediate-advanced riders and feels great. Spins, shuvs, and all types of advanced tricks are a lot easier with this board. Very high quality board but also delicate, so make sure you take good care of it.

    We made a video to show our appreciation for this board, it shows it in use and some close up shots of the board. Here is the link if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gobRQYw1dOk

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