Ronix 2020 Vision Wakeboard 120

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Vision Boy’s Boat Board

The Ronix Vision Wakeboard is specially designed for groms learning the fundamentals of riding. As the only board sport where the rider’s hips aren’t always parallel, kids often feel “twisted up” and uncomfortable when on their toeside edge. The Vision Wakeboard is uniquely built with a symmetrical shape and asymmetrical features to always keep the wakeboarder in a comfortable riding position. Molded outer fins provide stability and smooth edging. This year’s dino themed graphic features a treasure map that glows in the dark and a sticker pack for total customization.


-3 Stage Rocker

-Grom Glass

-Two Molded-In Fins

-Two Fiberglass 1.75” Hook Fins

-Thinner, Sharper Toeside Rail

-Fuller, Vertical Heelside Rail

-Wide Tip and Tail

-Included 15 Set Sticker Pack



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