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Greenfield Products Anchor Buddy Stretch 14′- 50′ Line

SKU: DMP0001




Make anchoring your boat offshore while you picnic on the beach easier.

Anchor Buddy is polyproplene covered bungee cord that has the strength to secure boats up to 4000 lbs. but offers 35′ of stretch. A recently added protective latex sleeve replaces metal rings to increase durability and eliminate the risk of scratching the hull. Anchor Buddy’s ability to stretch helps to keep the anchor set: even if the boat is affected by wakes or gusting winds. It is ideal for anchoring off shore for picnics ashore. When attached to your anchor with the included shackle, the anchor can be dropped 30 feet offshore; then pay out the line as you drive toward the shore. Once onshore, pay out a bow line and let the elasticity of the bungee cord pull the boat into the safer deeper water; secure the bow line and enjoy a day at the beach. The Anchor Buddy installs easily with an included shackle and anchor snap (carabiner). Anchor your boat offshore safely while you enjoy a day at the beach with an Anchor Buddy.

Key Features

Helps to keep anchor set even when shock loaded by wakes or gusty winds
Anchors boat in deeper water to prevent grounding or having to adjust anchor lines as tide levels change
Improved design provides more durability, more UV resistance, and eliminates risk of scratching the boat
Available in six colors to match existing mooring line colors
Attaches to existing anchor with included shackle

Length: 14’—50′ (stretched)



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