How to Buy a Wakeboard Package:

Buying a wakeboard setup in a package is one of the most popular and most cost efficient ways to get into the sport. Wakeboard packages are available from all brands and in all ability levels. Since there is such a large variety, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to narrow down your choices. Following the guidelines below can help you select the perfect option for your wakeboard package.

Do you have any brand preferences?

It may seem silly, but some people feel a strong connection to one brand over the other. That’s okay, ActiveWake carries a great selection of packages from brands like Hyperlite, Liquid ForceSlingshot, and Ronix. Most brands will have a variety of wakeboard packages to chose from, so whether you are a beginner to near pro, you should be able to find the right set-up from your favorite brand. If you do have a brand preference, start with that brand’s assortment of packages.

Shop Hyperlite packagesLiquid Force packages, Ronix packages.

Who will be using the package?

The beauty of wakeboard packages is that some of them are versatile and adjustable enough to accommodate a range of people. Wakeboard sizing is based on a rider’s weight and wakeboard bindings are based on shoe size. Typically, similarly-sized people work best when sharing a wakeboard package. Some examples of compatible riders to share wakeboard packages are kids in the same age/size range, women with similar weight and foot size, men with similar builds and ability.

General board sizing can be determined by the following weight ranges:


Rider Weight (LBS) Wakeboard Size (CM)
25 – 70 111 – 118
40 – 85 118 – 130
65 – 110 124 – 134
70 – 130 130 – 138
100 – 170 134 – 142
150 – 225 138 – 146
170 – 250+ 142 – 146
200 – 275+ 146+


Sizing tip: We always recommend buying a board that fits the above size suggestions. However, if you aren’t able to buy a board with the recommended size range, it’s always better to size for the largest person. A smaller person will always be able to ride a larger board, but a larger person won’t be able to ride a smaller board. A small person will be able to get up on a large board, but may be harder to control as they won’t have the weight or strength to maneuver the bigger sized board.

What rocker type fits your ride style?

Each rocker is unique and will affect the way you ride. It’s important to pick a wakeboard with a rocker profile that matches how you’d like to ride out on the water.

Continuous Rocker wakeboards have one fluid, curved shape from tip to tail. Continuous boards provide fast, smooth rides and will allow you to hook up turns more easily. The pop (height) is very predictable and will provide a more horizontal trajectory to carry you further out into the flats. This rocker type is especially great for carving around on those glassy mornings.

3-Stage Rocker wakeboards hold a shape similar to skateboards. One flat spot in the middle, and two identical planes in the tip and tail. 3-Stage rocker boards will provide more pop when you hit the wake. However, this pop is often less predictable as your board makes contact with the wake in 3 separate stages. Due to your fins riding a bit higher out of the water, you’ll also rely more on your edges as you carve around. 3-Stage boards are perfect for riders looking to go big with a more vertical trajectory off the wake.

Hybrid Rockers land themselves somewhere in-between 3-Stage and Continuous Rockers. Often they provide the best of both worlds. “Abrupt continuous,” “Hybrid 3-Stage,” and “Subtle 3-Stage” are some of the names given to these hybrid profiles. Hybrid rockers are great for the rider looking for a little bit of everything.

What is the ability level of the rider?

The last factor that plays into buying a wakeboard package is the ability level of the rider(s). Wakeboard packages are now available in beginner level to pro level combos. You can sort through the options on our website by selecting your ability level on the left.

Beginner level packages are great for people who are just getting started with wakeboarding. They are designed to be easy to use and forgiving on the water.

Intermediate riders are starting to cross the wake and get into jumping wake to wake. An intermediate wakeboard package will help you transition into more edging and giving you a stable platform to pop off the wake.

Advanced packages cater to the veteran wakeboarder who has been riding for awhile and feels confident jumping wake to wake and charging hard. Advanced wakeboard packages offer more technology and design to fit the needs of an aggressive rider.

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