This is Garrett – Our very own Graphic Designer/Videographer here at AWS. His staff pick this holiday season is the all new GoPro HERO7 Black and some accessories to go along with it. This guy is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and wont settle for low quality footage.

Garrett explains why he chose the GoPro Hero7 Black

“I used to shy away from using the GoPro because it never matched up with the footage I took on my Sony A6500. That changed once I started using the Hero7. The color range and image quality is on par with that of a dslr or mirrorless cam. My favorite feature is that I can shoot in 2.7k, 60fps with hypersmooth and get shots that are perfect for wakeboarding or any other action sport. I also love the hyper lapse feature which creates an amazing and smooth timelapse without having to do anything in post. The fact that I toss this tiny camera into my pocket and get shots that can hold up to my much larger camera rig makes it an extremely useful tool.”

“I just know when I’m looking at camera equipment I never read reviews if it’s from the manufacturer. It’s so much more useful hearing it from someone who used the equipment and really tested it out.”





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