Do you ever find yourself at work daydreaming about those hot summer days on the water? This is Tyler, and he’s not ready to call it a season. But as the weather temperature drops his work load piles up.

Tylers boss is mad at him for using all of his sick days to go out wakesurfing with his buddies. But Tyler has an idea. He just picked up a new drysuit from and has decided there is no reason he can’t hit the water on his lunch break.


The O’neill Boost Drysuit is the best selling drysuit on the market for one key reason, you stay completely dry.

The 3 layer full rip stop design makes it extremely durable and 100% water proof. The ankle and wrist gaskets are made 3 times more durable than competitors making it easy to take on and off during those mid day sets. The waterproof, full back zip allows for easy entry while staying out of your way. Tyler recommends having a friend give you a hand.

Take a note out of Tylers book and extend your season today by adding an O’neill Boost Drysuit to your quiver of on water gear.

The Boost is what allows Tyler to skip out for a minute in his work attire with no sign of touching the water. He can bail on his boss and shred in his slacks.

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