Thanks to the overwhelming support of the wake boat community, House Bills 4099 and 4138 did not make it through legislative process.
While we see this as a win, please keep in mind that this has not changed the fact that we all have to boat responsibly and be aware of our wakes. We do expect to see more proposed laws at the 2019 legislative session. If we don’t all work together to minimize our impact, new regulations will continue to come up.
When out on the water, please keep these things in mind when pulling riders:
  • Stay at least 200 feet from docks, boathouses and shoreline
  • Slow to a no-wake speed before turning around to pick up a fallen rider – avoid power turns
  • Minimize repetitive passes in same area
  • Keep music at reasonable levels
Have fun out there and we hope to see you all out on the water soon!


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