Wakesurfing Tips with Chantel – How to Throw the Rope

Tossing in the rope seems like a no brainer but it can actually easily throw off your balance and take you out of the sweet spot as a beginner. This is a great tutorial for people just getting into surfing and wanting to learn the Do’s and Donts for holding the rope and tossing it to the side.

The first common mistake when you first get up is letting the rope Ping Pong the rider. Meaning when the rider goes too far forward too quick and then releases and jerks back at the end of the rope. This can make it hard to find a stable place in the wake.

– Solution : Cradle The Rope – meaning leave some slack in the rope and use your weight to find that sweet spot.  Front foot – Gas and Back foot – Break. Finding that balance without tugging the rope.

The next common mistake is throwing the rope in too early. A lot of us are familiar with the feeling of when you have tossed the rope and then start drifting back out of the wave and the hands get thrown in the air out of frustration. The key is timing.

– Solution : Hold The Sweet Spot – give the wake a chance to fully form up. Do not rush this process. Finding that balance between your front and back foot weight is important and by cradling the rope you have the opportunity to use it if needed verses tossing it to the side too soon.

The last error is throwing the rope in too hard.  When you are a learning to wakesurf you are fully reliant on your balance and your weight. Throwing the rope to the side aggressively can disrupt your balance.

– Solution : Toss gently to the side you do not need to toss the rope into the boat for someone to catch so it doesn’t come flying back at you. Just gently toss it to the side not moving your body position or weight distribution. This method allows you to stay focused and not throw off you balance.

Those are some of the tips and tricks we find useful when it comes to using the wakesurf rope properly. The other key to making it easier for beginners is having the right rope. A rope with a triangle handle is super easy to get up with. Having foam handles throughout the rope makes it helpful to pull yourself in closer to the sweet spot verses just a rope (it also allows for good floatation). The other feature is having a bungee section to your rope. This makes it easy and fast to find the sweet spot.

If you have any other tips you use feel free to share them with us!

Below are some of the ropes we recommend and our customers love year after year.

Liquid Force Ultra Suede Surf Rope/ Handle- White

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Follow Surf Package – Tan/White




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