MISSION Reef 123 Inflatable Water Mat (6.5′ x 19′ x 4″)



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Upgrade your summer with the best water mat on the market. REEF Mats inflate quickly into a sturdy and stable platform of fun for the water. Lake days will never be the same, especially with the Mission reef 123.

Each REEF Mat Purchase Includes:

One REEF Mat
High-capacity manual pump(dual-action)
Storage bag
Repair kit (just in case)

REEF Mats comes in multiple sizes to fit any lake, river, ocean or imagination. Whether you’re looking to practice the ancient art of zen-floating or enjoy an afternoon of aquatic shenanigans, we’ve got a mat for that.

REEF 48 – The prefect mat for two. (6-ft x 8-ft)
REEF 85 – Our most popular size (6.5-ft x 13-ft)
REEF 123 – A behemoth of fun (6.5-ft x 19-ft)
REEF 129 – Jaw dropping size (5-ft x 26-ft)

Shop All Mission Products —> https://www.activewake.com/product-category/brands/mission/

View the REEF mat —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWDze_ZxsGE




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