Liquid Force 2022 Rhyme Wakeboard | Classic 6X OT Bindings

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A purpose built board with a lower profile and extra core strength, designed to be loose and fast and to cut through chop and fly up any monster wake! As one of the top wakeboarders on the scene, Guenther Oka needed a board that can keep up with him! The Rhyme has tons of board feel and rebound, with minimal drag. Its three-stage rocker helps you boost off the steepest wakes, and the Paulownia wood core does the rest as Liquid Force’s liveliest boat board, hands down.


+ Aggressive Three-Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake for riders that go behind a big boat wake.

+ Paulownia Wood CNC’d Core
Made out of sustainable Paulownia wood, this wood core gives unmatched rebound and lively flex. Paulownia wood is a proven sustainable wood that also grows back at quick rates.

+ Linear Flexzone Tips and Quad Channel Fins
Liquid Rail strategically placed longitudinally in the tips to give the board an independent flex from center to rail. This makes it easier to initiate a turn and have a snappy response coming out of it, while the edge is able to grab and hold its track more while working with the quad channel fins.

+ Concaved Bevel Rails
Concaved beveled rails provide a softer, more forgiving rail towards the mid-section of the board. This feature helps prevent hang-ups on features and allows for more mellow transitions on the water.

+ Triple Concave Hull w/ Edge Channels
The triple concave bottom produces lift while you are up on your feet and riding. It will also help with control and maneuverability. The edge channels give you that bite for controlled carves.

+ Liquid Rails
A unique polymere blend that is poured in the rails of each board and then cured with a strong bond to the wood core of the board. This allows sure strength and dependability against delamination and edge splitting.

+ Guenther Oka Pro Model

+ LF DuraBase with Molded-In Fins

+ Equipped with LF Exclusive New 4-Up Strip Bar Insert Pack

+ Optimized for LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with all 6″ Bindings







Brand new for 2022, Liquid Force took all the things they loved about the Classic 6X and are now offering it in an open-toe version! Everything you’ve come to love about the Classic but with a traditional, multi-rider twist! Slip your toes into the Classic 6X OT and see we’re so stoked to have this binding in our range now.


+ Medium to Wide Fit | Medium Flex Profile

+ Dual-Zone lacing with Hex Locks
Micro adjustable teeth lock in your ankles.

+ 6X Chassis System
The 6X™ chassis packs comfort and performance in a stiff, lightweight package.

+ Honeycomb Flex Floor Cushioning System
6X™ chassis exclusive Honeycomb FlexFloor absorbs high impact landings and returns energy for a live, responsive feeling on the water while creating a lighter binding.

+ TPE Chassis Impact Dampening Base
Injection molded TPE dampening pad with more grip and superior stick to the board.

+ Full-length Chassis Water Drainage System and 3D Contoured Impact EVA Liner Bottom

+ Top Cuff Stretch Zone

+ Impact EVA Ergonomic Contoured Footbed with 2.5˚ Cant

+ Integrated Reflex EVA Liner with Wrapping Top Cuff

+ Universally Compatible with All Wakeboards Featuring 6″ Inserts or LF Flextrack System



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