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Hyperlite 25′ Riot Surf Rope w/ Handle – Snow

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Hyperlite Surf offers unique, high performance boards for all ability levels, and now introduces a complimentary line of wakesurf ropes to exceed previous experiences getting into the wave. Noah Flegel administered oversized foam end caps to his pro model Riot Surf Rope, allowing him to pitch the handle back to the boat, keeping it and its passengers safe. The new Pro Surf Handle also utilizes Noah’s expertise but with an EVA grip, while the Riot is suede. The design also eliminates board dings in those rare instances where the handle can hit your most prized possession. With a solid 10″ floating handle and four machined EVA floats over the 25′ total length, this combo remains afloat for the entire session.


+ 25′ Total Length

+ 10″ Handle with Team Grip

+ Oversized Foam End Caps for Boat / Board Protection

+ 4 Machined Floats Included


1 review for Hyperlite 25′ Riot Surf Rope w/ Handle – Snow

  1. Maggie Rountree (verified owner)

    Awesome rope! Easy to keep from getting knotted and tangled. Floats very well. Foam allows you to keep from banging up the boat when tossing the rope in. Foam grips throughout the rope are also a nice feature when trying to quickly jump into the wake or practicing a specific trick.

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