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Slingshot 2019 Shredtown Wakeboard | Shredtown Binding

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The Shredtown crew and their board have been in more hairy situations and found themselves asking
“is this even possible on a wakeboard” more often than anyone else in the game. Luckily they’ve made
some great discovers along their journey that have helped open peoples minds to what is possible. Most
everything we love about the direction of the sport right now is the result of their efforts, and to get the
job done this is the board they trust.

BENEFITS: Fast, efficient, and bulletproof design will maximize your water time and board longevity, keeping you focused on the next big discovery in park riding.

Chined rails
Flex Tips
Ballistic Base
Carbon Bedrock Inserts
Secret Shredtown powers
Singleshot Fusion Sidewalls
Continuous Rocker Profile
Art by: Wesley Mark Jacobsen / Shredtown


As the first two-piece boot system, the Shredtown boot has bred creativity since day 1, and continues to
take riders into new territories of progression.

BENEFIT: Ride them softer or stiffer with the removable tongue, you can fine tune the flex and fit of each individual zone (lower, middle, upper), protect your feet walking around the park or parking-lot, ride with confidence thanks to unmatched comfort and support.

Direct Connect Soles
Ultralight K9 System / Mounting Hardware
Built-In J Bars
Tri-zone Gummy Strap closure
20% Lighter!
Removable / walkable liners with secondary lacing support
Removable external tongues for a stiffer or softer feel overall